Tastingworks Colloquia

I have designed the Tastingworks Colloquia as a forum primarily for educated wine industry professionals interested (and fellow travelers) to engage in thoughtful examination of a group of wines set around a given theme, be it a vintage, a producer, a variety, a region – the possibilities are endless. Often the wines initially will be poured blind and we will taste independently, knowing only the theme, they will then be revealed as we will discuss each of them individually, and draw conclusions as to what the wines as a group have to say.    These colloquia are designed to up the ante of interactive, engaged wine discussions, where people collaborate, engage in rigorous analysis and reasoned debate, rather than preach to the converted or talk past each other.  My hope is that these colloquia will offer an elevated forum for wine analysis, and stimulate us all as we learn together.

These colloquia are intended for true wine amateurs (in the French sense) who have considerable experience in analytical tasting, who desire to learn more and wish to engage in a spirited discussion about wine.  The group will always be small to encourage lively engagement on the part of every participant.  I will report on each of those colloquia on this section of the blog.

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